Personal Agenda of Professor Ahmad Rafique Akhtar

Professor Ahmad Rafique Akhtar has no personal agenda, like most scholars do. You cannot blame him for teaching ‘his way’. He has no way other than Islam. He borrowed knowledge from Quran and Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The rules, he is practicing are visible inside the Quran and the Hadith. These rules are simple and straightforward; His first rule;

  1. God is the top priority of intellectual curiosity.

To explain it, I don’t need books to explore or philosophers to consult. Simply it is the translation of

La elaha Illa Allah” (There is no god but God)

  1. The only way to approach God is the ‘middle way’.

Middle way is known as ‘aitdaal’. It is a Prophetic way of living a life according to God’s demand. When a person lives under ‘atidaal’, or ‘normalcy’, he is living a best life. This is the way of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Prophet told us to choose the ‘middle way’. He said; if you can’t then try to remain closer to the middle way. Again Professor has nothing to do with this rule, as this rule is borrowed from Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

  1. To assure that you are following the ‘middle way’, also to assure that you are not distracted, you need to tasbih (remembrance of God) daily.

Tasbih, or to remember God as the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) told taught us. He taught us supplications in a book collected “Hisn-e-Hasin”. Quran is full of supplications of the Prophets. It is the way of God to remind a human being, that whenever you remember me I will remember you. The remembrance of God according to Prophetic teachings is mandatory. Without ‘Tasbih’, hearts remain barren. There are a lot of Hadiths and Quranic verse in favor of ‘Tasbih’. Professor again borrowed the rule of remembering God from the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

He is totally Khayr and barakat. His aim to motivate people in the way of God towards God is as pure as Fresh River. I have heard people blaming ‘good people’. He is a good person and he needs no praise from people, because praise came from God. When God loves someone, he orders angels to praise a man, God loves. That’s how people on earth start praising the person, whom God loves.

Praise and popularity are two different things. Popularity is a fake reputation, praise is a true reputation. Praise increases with the passage of time, while popularity may decrease in future.

Professor is so clean to contradict that once a governing body of ISI came to see him, while he was sitting among students. During their meeting, a student asked; Prof, the last blast killed more than 80 people. I have heard, ISI is behind it. Professor’s intentions were so clear that he replied; yes we make mistakes sometimes. He didn’t care some guy is sitting there, he may feel awkward, but he tell the truth to his disciple. That kind of character is rare. People, who don’t know him, don’t understand him. He deserves attention. If someone pays no attention to what Professor is teaching and doing, and start blaming him, is a liar. Every teacher needs your attention. It is your duty to investigate him either he is a good guy or a shepherd in the skull of a sheep. To do so, you have to sit with him, talk to him.

I was reading a book on Molana Modudi. After reading few pages, I told my friend that I don’t like Modudi; he was this or that type of person. My friend asked; have you studied Modudi in detail? I replied; No.

Then you should, because without reading him, without knowing him, you can’t blame him.

This is our fault. We blame people without knowing a single word about him. We know people from people. We don’t directly judge people. We claim, there is no time to waste, while we are wasting time. To know a good person and to waste time knowing a good person isn’t a waste of time.

Waste your time with Professor Ahmad Rafique Akhtar, and Allah will never let you waste your life.



Living in despair waiting for the light?

If I say, the way of God is as clear as water, can you believe that? Well beliving on my statement isn’t my motive. What I want to remind you is the case of a blind man, who enters into a bar. He is hungry and he needs water. Water was there in the bar. When he demanded water from a person sitting near to him, that person offered wine instead of water. He rejected it and somebody to fetch me a glass of water please. In the cornor, another tipsy person was sitting listenting to the blind man. He poured some wine in the glass and placed it before the blind man. Again blind man asked…this isn’t the water right? The tipsy tongue relied; Yes it is a different kind of water.
The case of God seeker is the same.
Way toward’s God isn’t clear and obvious. if it is, then we don’t need hundreds of Prophets. Each time a prophet came to teach humanity about the oneness of God, the community confessed that they don’t believe in the oneness of God. When a prophet enters into a city or state with commands from God, he is sent down with a task to teach people about the Oneness of God. Tell the humanity that I am ONE and I have no son, no daughter.
It seems, God had been reminding us about his family. Each time a Prophet came to correct our knowledge, we never ashamed for a second. We never thought for a second about our ignorance. God was teaching to the ignorant men and women. He continuously helped the humanity without even saying; O people I don’t care what you do. Nay, he never said that. Instead he says; I am observing your moves, I know what you contain in your hearts (minds). God is caring. A Caring God can claim this. It is not about fear, it is about care.

We don’t care and we don’t claim to be caring for humanity. We don’t observe any movies, neither we claim to know the hearts. We are ignorant in a different way. I can’t listen to my mind, how ignorant I am, Yet I claim to be a scholar. I have no ‘inner insight’, yet I claim to be a doctor, how foolish I am. I was blessed with intellect (reason), yet I don’t use it. I have lost the capacity to use a gift of God. My ignornace won’t inform me about my ignorance. My knowledge deceit me about myself. Yet I am complete. I am progressive and popular. I have enjoyed my life. I am going to die in peace (or pieces).
My Ignorance is a gift. God said; If you don’t know, you have relaxation. I won’t ask about what you don’t know. I will surely question about what you know. He is so just. Professor says; No law but God’s law offers men/women a choice. If they don’t know, they won’t be asked about their ‘not knowing’. If they ‘know’ but don’t act upon their knowledge, they will be questioned.
Knowing is awesome, but ‘not knowing’ is a blessing. Knowing leads to God. But where is God and why I need him?

Do I need a God in the course of my life? That is the biggest question. I am rational human being. I must decide, I am free or slave. That’s Professor’s message. He says; question yourself; are you free or slave? If you are free, weldone, please provide some argument. If you are not then you must accept some supreme being over your heads.

Professor invites a person to question about the ‘existence of God’. he says; it is first and foremost question. If you don’t know about God’s existence, why you follow a religion? Is there anything meaninful in reglion except God?


A Mystic Teacher of Islam-in Pakistan

Professor Ahmad Rafique Akhtar is a simple, surprisingly outstanding scholar, mystic and thinker of our time. You may counter my statement by saying that, ‘we haven’t heard his name’. Well, hearing a name and living with a person are two different things, the following is another. He is a scholar of Islam, Mysticism, and Psychology. Still not satisfied with my statement? Let me elaborate it a little more…

Noam Chomsky is a known political philosopher. Why he is so known to the world because he is writing articles over the current issues daily or weekly. He is giving lectures to the public and private places. His theories may or may not be correct, that’s our case of judgment, but we know him because he is teaching.

Professor Ahmad Rafique Akhtar is a teacher mystic. A teacher mystic and a mystic are two different personalities. There are mystics in our society, around the corner we can find some mystic there, but there are no ‘mystic teachers’ in our society, or if there is, then he must be one. That’s the law. Mystic teachers are not many at a time, rather they are few or limited to 1. He is that 1 in the whole society of Islam. Let me explain my case, before you through judgment over it.

If you are reading this, then you have met a lot of teachers in university, public places. Teachers teach and they don’t want you to follow their footsteps. If they teach psychology, then they must teach you to follow some patterns of psychology that they are following or they have studied. You can follow a teacher, but not his character. Prof. is a different thing. He is a mystery, you can follow his character, but it is clean and pure as water. He teaches you but doesn’t force to accept his ideas, rather he left you with choices. He won’t say, be humble, be superior, be good, doesn’t be angry, rather he says; follow the footsteps of your Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and everybody who is following has different results. If one person took three years to get rid of anger, maybe another person can take a year. The capacity is within you. You cannot share your capacity.

When you ask him; Should I follow a religion? He answers in a polite way; No, If you don’t have the capacity and courage to find God. God is the essence of life and death. If you don’t feel attraction towards God, then religion is nothing. Without God, religion is nothing.

If you ask; If I follow God, should I need to follow him blindly? He will reply; Don’t follow God or his words blindly. If you are a donkey, then follow him blindly. If you are a man, then use your intellect and reason.

Intellect in the way of God? Don’t be shocked, as Professor says; I find God with intellect. Without intellect/reason there is no God and God don’t need followers, he needs men of wisdom, who seek God with laborious knowledge and learning.